What is PrePITstop?

PrePITstop modules have been designed to cover the key elements of diabetes care, focusing on pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.


1. Detection, diagnosis and register maintenance

2. Lifestyle choices as the foundation of the treatment pathway

3. Managing hyperglycaemia: the treatment pathway (focusing on oral agents). Patient centred care

4. Complications screening, prevention and management

PrePITstop consists of four flexible modules (half a day for modules 1 & 2, one full day for modules 3 & 4). They can take place separately or grouped together as a three-day course. In 2016 the condensed, one-day, key message PrePITstop course was launched (recommended for experienced GPs & nurses only). Each module has its own workbook and includes key learning outcomes for each session, resource lists, associated competencies taken from national competency frameworks and activity handouts. National and local guidelines are referred to, alongside local care pathways (including patient resource and a menu of available services).

Are the PrePITstop modules accredited?

The modules are not nationally accredited to enable local areas to adapt the course to meet their local needs and choose whether to apply for RCN and/or RCGP accreditation. The workbooks are structured to enable an accreditation application.

Who is PrePITstop's target audience?

The PrePITstop modules will benefit every qualified healthcare professional who comes into contact with people with diabetes in primary care, including community nurses. There is no need for prior experience in supporting people with diabetes. On many occasions GPs and Practice Nurses who have completed the full three-day course have recommended it, commenting that it should be mandatory.

GP registrars, and more recently clinical pharmacists, have also benefited from attending PrePITstop and have pledged to take an active role in diabetes care in the practices they work in. Elements of some modules have been used to create Healthcare Assistant courses.

Over the past 6 years the bulk of my diabetes training has been courtesy of Anne, starting with the Bexley Foundation course (now the PrePITstop course) then continued training and support on insulin management with PITstop. As a result, not only am I the Diabetes Lead within my own practice but have also become the Clinical Lead for Diabetes for Bexley CCG, involved in commissioning services. The annual updates she provides Bexley are extremely comprehensive and speaking as a trainer myself she is clearly an excellent educator. Dr Jhumur Moir, GP and diabetes clinical lead for Bexley CCG