What are the training delivery options for PrePITstop modules?

1. Commission our team to deliver one or more of the modules, or the full three-day course in your area for up to 24 students.

What is included in the cost?

Administration for course registration,coordination and course/module delivery, student resources and an evaluation report

What is not included?

Venue and booking of venue, trainer travel and accommodation

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2. "Train the trainer". Commission our team to train up to three members of the local specialist multi-disciplinary team to deliver the core learning objectives for each module.

Trainers are encouraged to deliver sessions themselves and to involve local experts to participate in delivering their specialist sessions (i.e. podiatrist, dietitian and eye screening service). This option encourages ownership of the training programme which can then be adapted to suit local needs. The training modules can be embedded into an annual training programme and updated accordingly. Student's feedback highlights the value of meeting the local multi-disciplinary team, understanding the services available and local pathways and guidelines.

Please note: the workbooks are up-to-date at the point of the 'train the trainer' course. It is up to the local team to maintain the course workbooks and material used. Annual resources can be purchased from the national team on an ongoing basis.

A member of the national team can be present during the first course acting as a facilitator, guest speaker or provide a quality development service.

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We do not provide a national PrePITstop course because we strongly believe in the value of designing modules that incorporate local guidelines, pathways and introduce participants to the services available locally and to the team providing those services.