PrePITstop courses are now RCGP accredited

The RCGP assessor panel described the 1-day and 3-day PrePITstop courses as 'excellent quality, eligible for GP's CPD'

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Insulin safety: self-directed learning

Use the handout to link to key insulin safety documents and 'Six steps to insulin safety' e-learning.

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Training influences patient outcomes. First hand experience from Shakespeare Health Centre

The poster follows the time line of Shakespeare Health Centre in Hayes, North West London.

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Exhibition news

PITstop exhibits at the Diabetes Professional Care & Primary Care Diabetes Society conferences

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PITstop Midwifery

A pilot PITstop course adapted for diabetes specialist midwives (DSM) took place over the summer

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Bespoke CPD becomes part of annual diabetes training programmes

Launch of the PrePITstop and PITstop Continuing Professional Development events.

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PITstop launches prescribing guidance

PITstop offers expert guidance on prescribing focusing on insulin initiation and titration. June 2016

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Experience our one day PrePITstop course

Our new one day PrePITstop course offers valuable insights for time-stretched professionals

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