PITstop Midwifery

PITstop was adapted following a request from Susan Quinn, DSM from Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who was searching for a practical training course focusing on insulin management and support for women with gestational diabetes and with type 2 diabetes (during preconception and pregnancy). Greenwich University gave permission for the learning outcomes to be adapted and new case studies were developed appropriate to midwifery.

The 2015 NICE NG3 pregnancy guidance and local guidelines, helped the DSMs justify treatment options, including when to start and titrate insulin. The PITstop insulin care pathway and general rules were relevant to women with type 2 diabetes requiring insulin when planning pregnancy.



Initial feedback from Susan Quinn and Gretta Kearney: Pitstop training was well organised with excellent teaching and provided useful resources to use in the workplace. The course has been a motivator to improve our service with up to date evidence based principles of diabetes care for women preconception and during pregnancy. It has provided a clear structure for the education of women relating to medicines management. The course provided exactly what was required for our personal professional development needs but also will benefit the MDT. 

Three months after the course Susan emailed: We are working to implement what we have learnt from PITstop. Almost daily I now have the confidence to teach women on self titrating of insulin alongside the structured programme of education you advised